Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Stupidity: A Sonnet

Stupidity, the least poetic vice,
Is grey, heavy grey. Golden lust, black hate,
Crimson rage: all excite, if not entice.
(Consider, too, the incompletely chaste.)
But simple lack of sense? Dull, dull. No sheen,
No blazing devil’s hue, no tempting shade.
Before, no wicked strategem; and then,
No passion or despair, just dumb dismay.
He who, having looked a fool, belabours grief,
Betrays a spirit absent as his mind;
And if the spirit finds itself, and speaks:
“I missed a step. So what? Why mope? With time
I’ll ease the sore with verse, erase the fault.”
Mind replies: “Don’t be so obtuse, you dolt."


The Scarlet Pervygirl said...


Uhm. Forgive me if that's discomfitingly forward statement. Still, I stand by it.